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Steward of Sustainability

American University is committed to acting on our values through social responsibility, service, and an active pursuit of sustainability.

At AU, sustainability isn't a buzz word. It's a culture that's visible the moment you step onto campus-from how public safety officers patrol the campus to how we clean our spaces. It's a dedication to environmental and social responsibility exemplified by the LEED-certified home for the nation's largest school of international service and programs that teach the next generation of advocates how to best protect our planet and those who call it home.

AU campus with lush greenery and abundant flora

The Office of Sustainability

Ten campus buildings feature rooftop solar panels that deliver renewable energy to the university.

The Office of Sustainability was founded in 2009 to help meet the university's goal of "acting on our values of social responsibility, service [and] an active pursuit of sustainability." The office develops and supports initiatives that promote sustainability within the campus community.

Green Initiatives

6 LEED Certified Buildings

With 4 More on Track

Screenshot of the virtual sustainability map

Sustainability Map

Take a sustainability tour to learn more about our campus-wide commitment to sustainability and renewable energy.

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2500 Solar panels onsite

50 percent of our power is sourced from the sun

Pledge to be carbon neutral by 2020