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Emergency Preparedness

Customize your AU Alerts

AU Alerts

In an emergency, AU will use the communication tools the university has at its disposal in as timely a manner as possible using AU Alerts. These messages will provide information on what is happening, what to do, and links to available additional information.

Our communication tools include text and email alerts, the university's home page, Facebook, and Twitter, the general information line 202-885-1100, indoor yellow AlertUs emergency beacon boxes and outdoor speakers located throughout campus.

You can customize whether you receive alerts as e-mail and/or text messages. Add additional work or home phone numbers and e-mail addresses so AU Alerts reach you no matter where you are when an emergency occurs.

AU Faculty, Staff and Students

University faculty, staff and students are automatically enrolled into AU Alerts. The AU Alert account is accessible via your AU username and password.


Guests and Contractors

Individuals or groups visiting university facilities, including university contractors, may register for alerts. Registered guests and contractors will be automatically removed from AU Alerts at the end of each semester, with instructions to re-register the following semester.


Parents, Guardians and Family Members of Students

Ask your student to add your phone number and email address as their second or third contact numbers.

Receive Alerts via Twitter

Follow the official American University alert twitter feed (, all alerts are simultaneously tweeted out. Twitter’s help section includes information on how to forward alerts to a mobile phone number

What to do in an emergency:

We encourage all members of the AU community to personally prepare for future emergencies.

Review the AU Emergency Management and Continuity of Operations Plan.