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AU Ready Hire Program

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What is the AU Ready Hire Program

The AU Ready Hire program offers you a chance to become a part of a pre-screened and qualified pool of diverse candidates who are ready to fill a variety of full-time, part-time, and long-term temporary administrative openings throughout the university. The service speeds up and streamlines the hiring process for administrative positions at AU. Find the right job easier, faster, and more efficiently. Become a part of our select pool of candidates and work directly with an AU Ready Hire recruiter to find the perfect position for you at American University.

Types of Positions

  • Full-time and part-time permanent positions and temporary assignments
  • Temporary positions vary in length but are usually 1-3 months long. Candidates are not required to be available for temporary positions
  • Sample positions include administrative assistant, staff assistant, executive assistant, academic program assistant, event coordinator, and more!
  • Departments and industries include, but are not limited to, academic programs, administrative offices, executive offices, and student affairs.
  • Positions vary by job duties and requirements

Advantages of Joining AU Ready Hire

  • Personalized job search with a university recruiter
  • Resume, cover letter, and interview guidance¬†
  • Utilize AU Ready Hire's knowledge of and relationship with the university departments and schools

Advantages to Temporary Assignments

  • Network with American University departments, schools, and supervisor
  • Test the waters; see how you like working at American University before committing to a permanent position
  • Demonstrate your skills to American University staff and supervisors


Is the AU Ready Hire Program Right for You

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How Do I Apply to the AU Ready Hire Program

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Meet the AU Ready Hire Staff

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