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Finance / Real Estate

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Minor in Finance

The minor in finance provides non-business majors with an understanding of key finance concepts. Through case studies and company projects, students learn how to apply these concepts to real-life situations. Students also gain insight on financial markets and their wide-ranging impacts. 

Minor Requirements

  • 19–22 credit hours with grades of C or better, a minimum of 9 credit hours at the 300-level or above, and at least 12 credit hours unique to the minor 

Required Courses (16 credit hours)*

  • ACCT-240 Financial Accounting (3)
  • ECON-100 Macroeconomics (3)
  • ECON-200 Microeconomics (3)
  • FIN-365 Business Finance (3)
  • STAT-202 Basic Statistics (4)

*To satisfy the requirement of 12 unique credits students already completing any four of these courses (above) for another major/minor must complete alternate courses with approval from a Kogod advisor.

Plus 6 credit hours from the following:
  • FIN-460 Financial Modeling (3)
  • FIN-462 Private Wealth Management (3)
  • FIN/IBUS-463 International Finance (3)
  • FIN-464 Financial Markets & Institutions (3)
  • FIN-465 Derivative Securities (3)
  • FIN-467 Mortgage Finance (3)
  • FIN-468 Intermediate Corporate Finance (3)
  • FIN-469 Investment Analysis (3)
  • FIN-472 Fixed Income (3)
  • FIN-573 Corporate Valuation and Financial Strategy (3)
  • FIN-574 Quantitative Methods in Finance (3)
  • FIN-575 CFA Level I Intensive Review (3)
  • FIN-576 Student Managed Investment Fund (3 credit maximum)