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Services: Faculty

If you are planning for your classes or for your own research, we encourage you to take advantage of the many library services that are available to support your teaching:
  • Use the Library Blackboard site to learn how to integrate online journals, streaming media, and links to live chat with a reference librarian into your Blackboard courses.
  • Use Blackboard's library LinkMaker to provide your students with direct access to articles from over 27,000 online journals.


Instructional Support:

Research Support:


Collection Development:

Other Faculty Support:


If you have questions about specific services, contact the appropriate representative:

Chris Lewis
(202) 885-3251
Current Awareness Tools:
Olivia Ivey, Clement Ho
(202) 885-3238
Data Management:
Stefan Kramer
(202) 885-3844
Digital Research Depository:
Chris Lewis
(202) 885-3251
Discoverability of Your Research:
Derrick Jefferson
(202) 885-3787
Funding Sources:
Mary Mintz, Clement Ho
(202) 885-3238
Measuring Research Impact:
Rachel Borchardt
(202) 885-3657
Open Access Publishing:
Chris Lewis
(202) 885-3251
ORCID/Research IDs:
Stefan Kramer
(202) 885-3844
Scholarly Research Networks:
Rachel Borchardt, Jenise Overmier
(202) 885-3238

Anderson Computing Complex:
Vanja Djemidzic
(202) 885-6442
Blackboard Course Pages:
Blackboard Support
(202) 885-2553
Matthew Smith
(202) 885-3325
Course Reserves/E-Reserves:
Donna Femenella
(202) 885-3230
Alex Hodges
(202) 885-3845
Interlibrary Loan:
Shane Hickey
(202) 885-2779
Library Blackboard Site:
Michael Fernandez
(202) 885-3203
Nobue Matsuoka
(202) 885-3465
Technology Services:
Joey Fones
(202) 885-3539
Visual Media:
Chris Lewis
(202) 885-3251

If you would like additional information, please call (202) 885-3232.