My Library Account

My Library Account is how you access your library account online. Use it to see all the titles that you currently have checked out and to renew your books. You can also check your fine balance and the status of books that you have requested.

To increase security, AU has changed the log in screen for your My Library Account. After choosing your university from the drop down menu, you will need your portal credentials to gain access. Your username is the beginning of your email address, and your password is your individualized password.

Accessing Online Resources From Off Campus

Online AU library resources may be used from off-campus only by current AU faculty, staff and students. This is why you are presented with a WRLC authentication screen if you want to access an electronic journal, database, or streaming video from anywhere other than on campus or via the VPN.

For those students who are participating in AU's online degree programs, access to all AU's databases and resources are available once you have verified your credentials. This process is the same as the one listed above, the username is before the "@" in your email, while the password is your individual portal password.

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