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Office of Information Technology

Computing Accounts at American University

How do I create my AU user name or account?

Every AU student, faculty, or staff member receives a unique user name that provides access to AU's various on-line resources. If you are new to the AU community, you will need to follow the appropriate instructions below to create your user name to receive access to AU's general systems:

  • Full Time Staff - All full time staff will have their user accounts pre-created by the Office of Information Technology, provided their hiring department submits the hiring action to HR with enough advanced notice. This is part of the Online On Time IT OnBoarding initiative. Full time staff members who are not hired with enough advanced notice can follow the self-service account creation steps below.
  • Faculty and Part Time Staff - When a faculty or part time staff member completes the self-service account creation application, they are assigned a user name with access to EagleNet, the Web portal, e-mail, and Blackboard.
  • Students - When a student completes the self-service account creation application, they are assigned a user name with access to EagleNet, the Web portal, an AU-Sponsored Gmail account, and Blackboard.
  • Visitors - When a faculty or staff member completes the self-service visitor account creation application to sponsor a guest, they are assigned a short-term, limited-access visitor account to sign on to AU network resources only.


What are AU's general systems?

Once you have completed the steps to create your user name, you will have a computer account on each of the systems described below:

  • EagleNet
    Your EagleNet account is used to log in to the portal from any computer connected to the Internet. It also allows you to connect to university resources to authenticate to the network, perform the system "health check,"; print, save files, and access specialized services and programs.
  • E-Mail
    Faculty and staff e-mail accounts can be used most effectively through the Outlook client software for Windows or Mac. Your account can also be accessed via the Web at; through a secure IMAP mail client, such as Mozilla Thunderbird; or through a mobile app.

    Student e-mail accounts are hosted by Google and can be accessed via the Web at Please note: This system uses a separate password, but can be synchronized to match your password.

  • Blackboard
    Blackboard is a Web-based software application available at both and that provides online support for classes at AU. Please note: This system uses your password.


What are AU's specialized systems, which require separate account creation requests?

There are a few specialized systems for which faculty and staff must make a separate account creation request, as they require additional approvals. To request one of the following accounts, contact the IT Help Desk. The Help Desk will contact the appropriate data custodians for approval. Once access is approved, the IT Help Desk staff will create your account and send you information on how to register for the mandatory training session(s) to orient you to the system and provide your login credentials.

  • Colleague
    AU's administrative computing systems run on an application developed by Ellucian, Inc, called Colleague. Colleague consists of integrated modules to manage student academic records, financial information, and human resources records. Please note: This system uses your password.
  • EagleData
    This Web-accessible source for university statistics and reports is available to authorized users inside the AU community. The information presented in EagleData is extracted nightly from the university's operational data in the Colleague system. Data is then placed in an Oracle-based data warehouse for storage and reporting. EagleData was created to provide fast and easy access to information in a self-service manner, so users can get reports when they need them. To standardize statistical reporting across campus, EagleData incorporates counting rules established by the office of Institutional Research and Assessment. Please note: This system uses your synchronized password.