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2014-15 Faculty Research Support Grant Awardees

College of arts and science

Monika Konaklieva and Jeffery Kaplan
How does low-level penicillin promote penicillin resistance?

Stefano Costanzi
Computer-aided discovery of biased agonists and allosteric modulators of the B2-adrenergic receptor (B2AR)

Kathleen C. Gunthert
Sleep, Depression, and Emotion Regulation in Adolescents

Kiho Kim
Historical Patterns of Nitrogen Pollution on Guam

Katharina Vester
Bodies to Die for: Health, Diets, and Beauty Ideals in Popular Culture

Lauren McGrath
Disentangling the cognitive web of developmental learning and behavioral disorders

School of Communication

Larry Engel
The Art of Forgetting: A Journey with Alzheimer’s

Maggie Burnette Stogner and Rick Stack
Grave Injustice’ Documentary Project

Caty Borum Chattoo
‘Mixed’ Documentary Film

School of Public Affairs

Joseph K. Young
Perceptions of Torture: The Impact of Dyads, Proximity, and In-Group Bias

Seth Gershenson
The Effect of High-Stakes Accountability Policies on Teacher Absences