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Graduate Academic Regulations

An update of the Graduate Academic Regulations was approved by the American University Faculty Senate on May 13, 2015. These will govern all American University students enrolled in graduate degree programs, in graduate certificate programs, or as graduate non-degree students beginning Fall semester 2015.

Select this link to read an HTML (web) version of the Graduate Academic Regulations:


Select this link to read PDF version of the Graduate Academic Regulations:


Click below to read a brief summary of changes from the regulations passed in 2012 to the update of the regulations. This document does not state precise regulations and should not be used as an alternative to the Graduate Academic Regulations.

Summary of Changes to Graduate Academic Regulations

Graduate Student Readmission Policy


The following two links refer to the Graduate Academic Regulations in effect from May 2012 until August 30, 2015. These are listed for reference, but are not the regulations in effect starting August 31, 2015.

Graduate Regulations pre-August 2015

HTML Regulations pre-August 2015

Advisor Worksheets

GPA Worksheet - This worksheet will help determine what grades are necessary to continue study at American University should a graduate student be placed on Academic Probation

Bachelor's/Master's Planning Worksheet - This worksheet will help students and advisors design a proper Plan of Study for a student enrolled in a combined bachelor's/master's degree program.

Graduate Academic Regulations Petition

Exceptions to the Graduate Academic Regulations from the Office of Graduate Studies must be submitted with this form. Petitions must be emailed from the American University account of the Associate Dean in the appropriate academic unit. Please submit petitions to and include a copy of the student’s transcript.

Please allow 3-5 business days for a decision


Training and opportunities to discuss the latest updated Graduate Academic Regulations will be posted here.

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