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Faculty Research Support Grant Recipients, Academic Year 2017-2018

College of Arts and Sciences

Vikki Connaughton
Terry Davidson

Project Title:  Linking Cognitive Dysfunction to Vascular Deterioration in Diabetes

Katie DeCicco-Skinner
Dave Carlini

Project Title:  Identification of Genetic Mutations that Drive Skin Cancer

Tim Doud
Zoe Charlton

Project Title:  "sindikit":  Creative, Collaborative and Coworking Models

Matthew Hartings
Project Title:  3D Printed Cellulose Composites

Mark Laubach

Project Title:  Optogenetic and Chemogenetic Studies on the Rodent Frontal Cortex

Gabriel Mathy
Project Title:  Quantifying the Effect of Huey Long's Stimulus Program

Jessica Young

Project Title:  Health Behaviors, Risks, and Outcomes in Economically Distressed Communities

Kogod School of Business

Michael Mowchan
Project Title:  Remediating Audit Partner Disclosure in Negligence Cases

School of Communication

Ericka Menchen-Trevino
Project Title:  Web Historian

Benjamin Stokes
Project Title:  Empowering Neighborhoods to Design their Own Games

School of Professional and Extended Studies

Jeffrey Crouch
Project Title:  The Unitary Executive:  Myth and Presidential Power

School of Public Affairs

Todd Eisenstadt
Jie Lu
Matthew Wright

Project Title:  The Politics of Climate Change-Induced Migration in Bangladesh and Beyond

Erdal Tekin
Project Title:  The Impact of Exposure to Stress in Utero on Birth Outcomes