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Global Governance, Politics, and Security

Learn from Global leaders. Barack Obama, Justin Trudeau and Mark Rutte all speak at separate events at American University

Welcome to the Global Governance, Politics and Security Program

The Global Governance, Politics, and Security Master's Degree Program (GGPS) at American University's School of International Service (SIS) provides students with the specialized training and widely-desirable skills necessary to launch careers in international affairs and public service. Our master's program takes a multidisciplinary approach to understanding relations among and beyond states and societies on the global stage.

Our mission is to produce international affairs professionals with an understanding of global history, political dynamics, and economic systems, as well as the methodological tools and the practical skills needed to make sense of data and turn rigorous analysis into innovative policies and programs in the fields of global governance and global security.

We believe that GGPS master's students are defined by both their breadth and depth of knowledge and their professional training. These qualities equip them to thrive in global governance and global security where complex problems will require practical solutions grounded in an understanding of global history and political and economic systems.

To this end, our core courses provide the analytical 'big picture' and help students find the right concentration. The coursework in students' field of concentration is what gives them a long-term advantage in their career. GGPS students hone their expertise in Global Governance or Global Security by selecting courses from an extensive list of electives and approved concentration courses.

The Global Security concentration equips students to conduct analyses and design programs and policies that respond to threats and challenges in a changing world. Core courses explain why state and non-state actors come into conflict and assess the tools policymakers use to analyze, prevent, manage and resolve those conflicts. Our graduates are well positioned for careers in private, non-profit, government and multilateral organizations working in intelligence, conflict management, and defense policy, regional security, cyber-conflict, counter-terrorism, combatting transnational crime and illicit financial flows, peacekeeping and security sector reform.

The Global Governance concentration equips students to serve in international organizations, government agencies and non-governmental organizations that work with their local and international counterparts to plan and execute policies and programs that are tackling today's most pressing policy problems. Students combine widely-desirable communication, negotiation and organizational skills with expertise in a particular practice of international affairs such as human rights promotion, development assistance, security policy, conflict resolution or the environment. We want our graduates to hold a unique place in the practice of international affairs with more administrative skills than those with a subfield-specific concentration (e.g. development or security) and more international affairs expertise than students graduating with a degree in public policy or public administration.

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