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U.S. Foreign Policy and National Security | SIS

Join the dialogue on foreign policy. Ambassador Thomas Pickering, President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speak at SIS events

The United States Foreign Policy and National Security Program

We have designed the United States Foreign Policy and National Security (USFP) Program to prepare students to step into a number of jobs that might demand the knowledge and skills of a professional with expertise in US foreign and national security policy. Our graduates work in the intelligence community, the White House, executive branch agencies such as the State and Defense Departments, Congress, private sector consulting firms, think tanks, non-governmental organizations, and international organizations.

Strategically located in Washington, DC, the USFP master’s program brings the nation’s capital into the classroom. Our students study the historical underpinnings of US foreign policy one day, then discuss today’s pressing issues with diverse world leaders who regularly visit campus the next; they gain practical experience through practicum opportunities, simulations, and internships; they learn from expert faculty who have held positions in their desired fields in government, the private sector, and nongovernmental organizations; and they complete a rigorous course of study that combines programmatic flexibility through a specialized, chosen large number of concentrations they can tailor to their interests and goals.

Rooted in the wealth of resources the School of International of International Service provides, the USFP program has a cohesiveness that enables students to find meaningful ways to collaborate with and learn from other students, establish contacts with alumni, and develop lifelong friendships.

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