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SOC Student Involvement

Paul Barrett 'La Cunada'

Why is involvement important?

Involvement outside of the classroom provides the opportunity to enhance leadership ability, professional self confidence, and builds a sense of community. 

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Not sure where to start?

The first step to involvement is learning about your options. Start by filling out the form below to have an SOC involvement staff member contact you to help design your experience.

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Student Clubs and Organizations

MegSarah 'La Cunada'

Involvement in SOC-related clubs is a great way to meet people and apply what you learn in the classroom.

SOC Clubs & Organizations

SOC Alumni Mentor Program

SOC’s unique student-alumni mentoring program bridges the gap between the classroom and the professional world.

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SOC Week: A Tradition

Events like SOC Week create tradition, build community, and provide opportunities to practice leadership skills.

New SOC Students: Programs & Resources

Get involved right away via programs like Eagle Summit Orientation, Media by Metro, the SOC Ambassador Peer Mentor Program, and the Academic Welcome.

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