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Washington Institute for Public Affairs Research

Washington Institute for Public Affairs Research
4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20016

Apply for Grant Funding

Need Funding?

Have an idea, but don't know how to begin or where to find funding?
Reach out to with a brief description of your idea and goal for your project. We will help you search for funding that match your interests. 

Have a Proposal in Mind?

Already know where you want to submit a proposal?
Start by completing the Routing and Assurance Form and the Conflict of Interest Form and then reach out to Colette Abichaker, WIPAR's Grants Coordinator, with the forms to get started.

Helpful Resources

The PI Checklist will help you, the Principal Investigator, keep track of your grant proposal.   

Navigating the SPA Proposal Process

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The Washington Institute for Public Affairs Research at American University School of Public Affairs (SPA) specializes in helping faculty members navigate the proposal process. We offer hands-on expertise in conceptualizing, drafting, and coordinating the process between you and the SPA administration.

Are you interested in applying for research funding? Start with this infographic to help visualize the process, from three weeks out to final submission.


Funding Trends

WIPAR Funding Trends

There are a series of recurring themes that make up the funding trends for 2015. Topics such as youth recidivism, health disparities, sexual assault, and youth radicalization are becoming increasingly salient to funders. These topics represent a marked shift from funding sources in 2014. How will these trends and others affect your grant proposals?

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WIPAR Competes Act 2015

While the National Science Foundation will see an overall increase in funding this year from the U.S. Government, the Directorate for Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences could take a critical hit during 2016 funding cycles. A new funding bill, titled the America COMPETES Act, was introduced after a more than five-hour drafting session in the House Science, Space and Technology Committee.

While the 2015 version does not explicitly attack the NSF grant-making process, it does include a new policy provision that would require the science foundation to issue a written explanation of how a grant award meets national interest.

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